Friday, January 6, 2017

Ghana Braids

Ghana braids or also known as other names including Cherokee cornrows, pencil cornrows, invisible cornrows, and even banana braids. Ghana Braids are becoming one of the most popular ways of wearing your weave for this year.  Summer seasons always shows a spike in women of color choosing for this particular sassy style.  Ghana Braids are great not just for the convenience factor but also for the protective benefits.   Ghana Braids also will prevent you from running to the salon every few week. 

Into the history of Ghana braids,  This hairstyle could date to as far back as to 500BC for it's protective benefits but also it's unique style.  It was the Ancient Africans who braided this hair style initially, with sculptures and hieroglyphs illustrating both men and women with Ghana braids in their hair.  This unique style was passed down from generation to generation and survived until the Western civilization.  
Lately, more and more women of color from various ethnic groups are styling their natural hair with Ghana braids more than ever. It not only looks fabulous on women of all ages, you can also fashion some beads or flowers into them.   We hope this will inspire you to start braiding right now.
Spiral Braids 

Dual Effect Braids 

Shiny Braids 

Ghana Braids with a Twist 

Artistic Ghana Braids 

Native American Ghana Braids 

Spiral Braids 

Classic Ghana Braids 

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