Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Best Ways to maintain Crochet Braids

Normally, Crochet braids usually only last a few weeks.  I have heard that you may stretch the duration of this protective style even longer if you wash and condition your scalp.  It may seem like a tedious task due to the fact that Crochet Braids are a very fragile nature of the style but Beauty is achieved by the bold.  The simple fact of not being able to wash their hair keeps many from trying crochet braids.  Here is an extremely helpful tutorial on washing your hair and scalp, while still maintaining your beautiful protective crochet braids style!

This method works best for Longer Crochet Braid Styles.

  • 1.  Apply conditioner on her the Synthetic Hair and work your way to your scalp.
  • 2.  Spray lukewarm water to the Synthetic Hair after applying conditioner to your Synthetic Hair to re-moisturize your Crochet Braids.
  • 3.  Use a de-tangling brush to brush out all knots and tangles working from the ends to the scalp.  Do not brush too vigorously or the waves or twists will become completely straight.
  • 4.  Separate a section of the Crochet Braids and re-twist the hair using the 2 strand twisting method for the entire Crochet Braids.
  • 5.  Once completed, Begin to rinse by squeezing and cleanse the conditioner out of the Crochet Braids.
  • 6.  Once the Crochet Braids are completely dry, undo the 2 strand twists by gently un-twisting all the strands.  Ultimately,  this will give you back the volume and shine for another few weeks of this fabulous Crochet Braids Style.

**Please be aware that the overall appearance, texture, and style of Crochet Braids change over time.  It is normal for the hair to begin matting, frizzing, knotting, and tangling especially when exposed to saltwater, chlorine, or natural oils. 

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