Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Black 'n Gold Kanekalon Synthetic Braids

Washing Your Black 'n Gold Kanekalon Synthetic Braiding Hair

Looking for a hair style that can add length  and make your hair easier to manage? Similar to natural hair, Black 'n Gold synthetic braids style need to be washed.  Black 'n Gold Synthetic braids accumulate dirt, oil and residue, over time making them look dull and frizzy.  It usually means that its usually time to wash your Black 'n Gold synthetic braids.  This will ensure the Black 'n Gold synthetic braids will remains in it's best possible condition for looking fabulous.

Things You'll Need

Braid shampoo or Regular Shampoo        Towel              Black 'n Gold Braid spray

  1. Apply braid shampoo or 1 tsp. of regular shampoo diluted in 2 qt. of lukewarm water, to your scalp and massage thoroughly to loosen oils and dirt.  For the best results, try using a shampoo that does not contain "sulfates" as these are deep cleansing agents and will be too harsh on your Black 'n Gold Braids.
  2. Spray Black 'n Gold moisturizing braid treatment spray to your braids to replace lost moisture from shampooing.
  3. Dry your Black 'n Gold braids with a towel to dry excess water.
  4. Rinse the shampoo completely again.
*For a more detailed instruction consult a beautician for cleaning Black 'n gold Synthetic Braids.

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