Thursday, February 11, 2016

2015 Fall & Winter 2016 Hairstyles African American Women

Here are some of the charming looks of women with big box braided Black hairstyles to keep moving with trend. You can try them with long or small box braids to your desired lengths below the shoulders to look sexy. You can even braid them with neutral black or dark tone color, Lights colors or any of your favorite colors that meet your heart desires. 

Braided Black Big Box Hairstyles doesn’t have restrictions to any skin tone or any face shape. You can secure the braids with a hair band to prevent it from falling over your forehead or a bandanna/scarf to works out well.  

Braided Big Box hairstyles for black women  is the way forward for those black women of color that need to  improve their looks a bit from the old days of human hair weaves. This hairstyle works for all seasons and to spice it more you can add a hat in the cold to look cute and in hot days you can either hold it at the back of neck to do away with excess hot weather temps.

Wow! So pretty and neat! It is a creative inspiration for us when using different ideas for how to braiding our hair!

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