Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Check out the new GODICHE Indian REMI Human Hair! It is currently available in the #Natural color and can be dyed to the color desired. The weft is constructed by hand giving its hand tied strength and durability for longer lasting results.

The Godiche Indian REMI is available in 18" and 20" lengths currently and will soon be available in 14in. lengths soon.

Product Options
Weight: 110g
Length: 18in.
Weft: Hand Tied
Hair Type: 100% Virgin Indian Human Hair
Unidirectional Cuticle Alignment


Hair folicles that are aligned in the same direction have less probability for tangles or even breakage. Uni-Directional cuticles last longer, feel softer, and simply, are more natural. Godiche Indian REMI Human Hair is produced using a selection of the finest 100% Virgin Indian Human Hair and requires no additional chemical treatments for desired texture or silkiness.
Godiche REMI Human Hair is sectioned and left in its natural growing pattern for maximum silkiness and strength. Low shaft porosity in GODICHE REMI Human Hair enables hairs to retain moisture and flexibility to stretch without breakage. GODICHE REMI is kept in alignment to keep hair shafts from creating tangles or matting. Always consult a professional hair stylist or beautician for specific hair maintenance and hair care instructions.
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  1. The hair texture was so soft and the curls were so bouncy as well. I wore that one wig for 6 weeks Diva. Yes 6 weeks she was washed several times and always worked out well for me each time.

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