Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kanekalon vs Cheap Synthetic Hair

Have you recently visited a Beauty supply store (BSS) and wondered what the best synthetic hair to buy when considering cornrows or plaits?

Over the years, our customers found using the Classic Braid Kanekalon hair was the most effective and best choice to make when getting your hair braided. The immitation synthetic hair fiber tends to make the hair brittle and the hair tangles or mattes.

We recommend either Silver Braids for a silky texture or Classic Braids for the Yaki Texture from Black 'n Gold®. Simply any good quality Kanekalon for cornrows or plaits. Accept no immitations or else you will find yourself at the store again looking for more hair in less than two weeks.

Alot of our customers perfer the 25" Micro Straight Knots braids when doing micro braids, cornrows or any kind of hair braiding styles because it's less expensive ($1.99 to $2.99 a pack) and you can swim in that hair. It's very inexpensive vs using the human hair which will cost you anywhere from $15.99 or more per, which in my opinion doesn't last longer than a month unless its the superior grade human hair.

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