Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Got Goth?

For many that believe Goth clothes and hair extensions belong only in small niche circles, the trend for Spring 2009 will definitely change your perception. As reported in the New York Times, there have been an explosion of designers and fashion houses incorporating Haute Goth into their runways. From John Galliano for Dior to Rick Owens to Alexander McQueen to Givenchy, have proved that once again, black will always remain a classic but with new twists.

So what does this mean for the rest of us? It basically proves that fashion and especially hair extension fashion does not rest solely on human hair extensions. Haute Goth hair extensions of dreads and braids are created with soft Kanekalon modacrylic fibers. For the past 30 years, Black N Gold Kanekalon Braids has continually been recognized as one of the best braids for quality as well as affordability. For those in the Goth field, that means our braids comb back and seal well with a lot in each pack.

Thats it for now! As always stay fabulous everyone!


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