Thursday, December 11, 2008

2009 Hair Trend

Anyone interested knowing latest hair trend?

Here is the scoop for you. As many of you have been aware, in the past few years, curly hair and wavy hair have been in play. Well, for the ladies who aren't blessed with natural curly locks, your luck is about to change. Celebrities ranging from Eva Langoria to Posh Spice to fabulous runway models have been sporting the super straight look. It brings out the natural curves on any women's face as well as their classic elegance. So if you are wanting to have the look and feel of celebrities and runway models alike, please take a look at our Godiche Remi. For those looking for extra length as well as the super sleek silky texture, our Godiche Remi is 100% Virgin Human Hair.

Godiche REMI is the finest REMI cuticle hair extensions. It is crafted using only the finest Human Hair available which are carefully sectioned as virgin hair and maintained in its natural cuticle direction so matting and tangling are a thing of the past. Godiche Remi Hair can only be categorized in the premium segment, as far as hair quality is concerned. High quality hair and processing will demand higher cost but quailty is our key concern when it comes to our REMI Hair.

The best hair is extremely difficult to acquire however, Godiche REMI is worth the investment. It is extremely durable, long lasting, and naturally soft as all hair should be. Godiche REMI not only combines quality cuticle hair but is unprocessed meaning it is of true REMI quality. This means its the best of the best. For those striving for waist-long locks, our Remi does come in 24"-26".

From Everyone at BNGHAIR.

Happy Holidays and Stay Fabulous!

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