Monday, October 27, 2008

Braids, Braids and Fancy Color Braids

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone out in cyberspace had a nice weekend. Thought I would change the topic up and talk about our 100% Kanekalon Braiding Hair. We have been talking about human hair extensions but lets get back to the basics of what really started this industry; synthetic hair and more so Kanekalon Synthetic Braiding hair. Black 'n Gold has been recognized as one of the leaders in producing great Kanekalon Braiding Hair. Why you may ask. Well, I am here to give you an answer. First of all, do not be fooled by other companies that try to imitate our brand. We had more than a few companies copy our color and packaging style. Some unethical companies have even gone so far as to state they are Kanekalon. I consider that to be outrageous!! I digress and thats another issue. =)

We feel our Classic Kanekalon braids are superior because they do not cut the braiders hands. That is especially important when you spend a significant time doing a head of hair. Our braids do no leave the hand feeling "rapsy" and the fibers lock into place. For those of you interested in making dread falls, our braids also seal well and back comb well. I hear from some of our dread fall clients that those 2 aspects are essential to making a great dreadfall.

Besides having a good quality product, we believe our braids are affordable. We have packed 3oz of hair into each pack of our Classic braiding hair. Normally 6 oz's are needed to do a full head of hair meaning 2 packs. We believe in giving value to our clients as well as putting out a superior product. Less is more. Buying 2 packs of hair is sufficient enough to finish a full head compared to other companies which takes 3 packs of hair.

Lastly, we have an assortment of fancy colors. Now let me tell you, I am not exaggerating when I say our fancy color Braids sell out quickly. For those of you that may not know what constitutes a "fancy" color, I will explain. The colors we label as fancy are exotic colors such as hot pink, dark purple, sky blue, neon green and so forth. I believe we have a complete PDF color chart on BNGHAIR.COM. They are in such high demand sometimes when we get a shipment, all of that gets shipped out to our clients the same day. Some other companies may produce a broader selection but feedback from our clients have been that their quality level drops. I can assure you that with our braids, fancy color or not, the quality will remain top notch.

So the next time you are thinking about braiding your hair and would like a high quality product as well as a vast assortment of colors, think of Black 'n Gold!

Hair Guru

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