Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Due to many requests by our customers, Black 'n Gold has now created a NEW Limited Edition GODICHE REMI Bodywave product line. For those of you not familiar with GODICHE REMI hair, it is the Finest Human Hair that has been produced in a uni-lateral cuticle direction. In layman's terms, it means all the roots are on one side and all the cuticle ends are on the other. What this does is maintains the hair's natural strength as well as retain moisture and flexibility to stretch without breakage. Black 'n Gold GODICHE REMI hair also eliminates any tangling or matting. This NEW Limited Edition Bodywave line will have the "silky" smooth texture like our GODICHE REMI yet pre-styled as all our customers have requested. (On a side note, I've been angling for a "Yaki" texture, so cross your fingers. =))

Our NEW Limited Edition GODICHE REMI Bodywave will be available in 2 lengths: 14-16 in. and 18-20 in. but production will be strictly limited. As I had mentioned previously, we have created this line for some of our best and loyal customers and many have already pre-ordered and so we do not have an accurate estimate of the supply that we have left for our online division. Be sure to check back frequently and check for availability. For those that just cannot wait, we will be starting a pre-order form soon.

You can just fill out your name and contact info and our always knowledgeable customer support staff will contact you once it becomes available.

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