Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back and Better Than Ever!!

Hello fellow hair enthusiates, I haven't blogged in awhile but I'm back with a few exciting news. BNGhair.com is proud to present our new Marquis Wigs Collection of full synthetic wigs. We have manufactured ten new fantastic hair style designs that we are extremely proud of and that is why we have dubbed them the Marquis Wigs Collection. What makes them so special you might ask? I'm here to give you the answers! On top of being made from the best synthetic fibers in the world, we have greatly improved our monofilament technique with a new two layer construction.(Double monofilament layer) What this means is that we have eliminated scalp irritation and itchiness while improving comfort to the wearer. In addition, because of the superior fibers that we use, our wigs are now softer and lighter than previous designs. If you are ever in the New York Manhattan area, you are welcome to come to our new retail outlet and see for yourself. All our new Marquis Collection Wigs have a hand crafted translucent scalp which blends effortlessly to your natural scalp and also come in a variety of colors. To tell you honestly, we have so many colors, I don't even know all of them. As always, we hope Black 'n Gold will inspire you and give you a sense of all the endless possibilities of beauty that can be created with our hair products.

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