Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why we love braids

Braided hair is an intricate design of hair locked together in patterns and for thousands of centuries braiding hair was preformed to keep hair healthy. Hair braiding is now an ancient art handed down for generations. Hair braiding is an immensely time consuming activity. Some styles can take an entire day to complete. Hair braiding has recently been adopted by hair professionals bringing modern society techniques to this extremely fascinating culture. Braiding hair patterns are endless and look wonderful when completed. It is also good to keep in mind that Braiding hair too tightly to the scalp can cause tension and damage your real hair. Never leave braids in your hair for more than 2 months otherwise it can lock up and cause severe irrepairable damage.
Every hairstyle reflects your personality. Depending on the attitude that you want your hair to personify, there is always a style of hair braiding.

Micro Braids or Invisible Braids are the easiest of the hair braiding techniques. They do not give too much stress on your natural hair and can be left in your hair for up to 2 months. Short hair is preferable to this style of braiding as it has a less chance of breakage. Always consult a beautician prior to getting your hair braided. Keep your hair healthy by avoiding excess stress and plenty of rest.

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