Thursday, March 20, 2008

What is Yaki Hair?

There are two types of textures. First is yaki hair and the second is silky hair. Yaki hair is significantly more coarse in texture than silky hair. Most people who prefer the yaki hair is of women of color or of african descent. Although pricing for yaki hair and silky hair is similar, the question of hair texture is which is similar to your real hair. Hair texture is important to match your real hair so that it blends naturally to your real hair. Yaki hair is produced using a grid material to press into silky hair to give it a coarse texture. There are myths that yaki hair will tangle or matte less than silky hair but it is only a myth. When using superior grade human hair, both silky and yaki will tangle and matte less. Bnghair offers a variety of yaki textures to better blend naturally with your real hair. There are numerous yaki textures we offer however, the most popular by consumers is the Babysoft yaki. Babysoft yaki is a light yaki texture meaning it has a yaki texture but it also has a silky texture aswell. Both silky and yaki are blended together to give it it's unique texture. Babysoft yaki is produced using only 100% human hair and is composed of superior grade human hair only. Another product that we offer is called the Jamaican Yaki which gives our natural blended texture. It is extremely coarse and produced using only superior grade human hair.

Both types of human hair extensions can be weaved, bonded, or attached by hair holding clips (better known as clip ons). The clip on method will require clips to be attached to them by sewing them into the weft by beauticians or end users.

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