Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What is good hair weave?

Many customers have complained about hair extensions and how they do not last as long as expected. The primary reason for this concern is that alot of factories are producing what is called mixed hair. These mixed hair extensions have a mixture of animal hair or synthetic fiber in them. Not only do these types of hair extensions have bad usability but they do not curl aswell. These issues limits the hair styles that can be achieved using hair extensions. Why would you buy fake hair? The reason why they produce these types of hair extensions is to keep the cost low. In an economy which is rapidly decreasing and the price of raw human hair materials rapidly rising, factories produce these products to achieve some sort of balance.

The quality of the hair extensions is also becoming an increased concern as most companies do not have their own manufacturing plant. They simply buy what is the cheapest available from factories and resell them here in the US. Many consumers complain about the quality of the human hair extensions they purchase with other companies. Essentially you get what you pay for. If your paying for $10.00 hair and the 100% Human Hair mark is on the package then most likely it is mixed. As many already know, Synthetic hair will only last so long before it becomes unmanageable and have to be replaced from extreme tangling or matting.

What happens when synthetic or animal hair is mixed with Human Hair? In the beginning, The hair will feel great, almost as good if not better than the authentic 100% Human Hair Extensions however, as time goes by it will become more and more unmanageable. 100% Human Hair extensions not only should last a minimum of 4 months with proper care and maintenance but it can be curled, dyed, or straightened. The mixed Hair extensions on the other hand will probably only last up to a month and will have to be replaced.

And the saga continues...

Look for Black 'n Gold Hair Extensions, we use Genuine 100% Human Hair. Next time your thinking of purchasing hair extensions for weaving, braiding, etc. consider the time frame you will be using it to match your budget.

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