Monday, March 10, 2008

The Truth about Hair Extensions Systems

A question that everyone is asking... What is the difference between 100% Genuine Human Hair and 100% Human Hair???

The answer is simple... First, We need to be realistic... There are products that claim to be 100% Human Hair and it should be able to curl with the use of an electric curling iron. ALOT of products on the market today, all have the 100% Human Hair mark on them however, occassionally you will encounter products that are mixed with synthetics and even animal hair. Why do they mix synthetics into "100% Human Hair Extensions? With the increasing prices of the Human Hair raw materials. Synthetics are a means to keep the cost of the hair extensions low. There are those of you out there that believe hair extensions should be 100% Human Hair or that it is okay with the synthetic mix. I leave the choice up to you.

For those of you looking for the real deal. There are a hand full of companies today that believe in superior quality and craftsmanship to cost. Finding products from these companies is like finding a needle in a hay stack. is one of those companies that believes quality is more important than cost. We still do try to keep the cost as low as possible however, sometimes cost comes into play. has a wide variety of REMI Unidirectional Cuticle Hair or European Caucasian Weavings in over 30 different colors to accomodate the hair extension enthusiasts that love to change their hair style and colors.

Hair Extension Systems are a great and fast way to increase volume and length. They are also a good way to keep children who want to experiment with highlights without damaging their own hair. Constant bleaching and dyeing of your real hair could be very stress intensive to your hair follicles and eventually lead to hair loss. Hair extensions systems with the right implementation techniques to your original hair can prevent this from happening. Clip in Hair extensions are also great non-permanent way to achieve this natural look without future hair problems.

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