Friday, March 14, 2008

How to achieve the Wet and Wavy Look

As snow has slowly melted away and winter is fading, its time for a new look in the spring. From the traffic of our various vendors and our own New York store, it seems as if the wet n wavy look will be the "in" thing for this spring/summer season.

Now how do we achieve this wet n wavy look people ask? With Aqua Wet and Wavy 100% Human Hair Extensions of course. If for some reason you choose another brand then use at your own peril. I'm just kidding!! So after the extensions are applied to your natural hair, you can simply wet your hair to achieve the wavy look. Its that simple. For people that have the length from their natural hair or from their straight extensions, mousse or gel works wonders to get the wet n wavy look.
After you get out of the shower, lightly dry your hair with a towel and then apply the mousse or gel and castor oil for shine. Scrunch your hair and viola! Use hairspray to hold, if necessary. Its simple and easy but does take some practice to get the style correct. Just a word of caution, when getting wet n wavy extensions, always try to get 100% genuine human hair as synthetics will usually tangle and matte after a short period of time and will not last that long. If you have any questions regarding or just any questions regarding hair, please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward to the spring season!


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