Friday, January 6, 2017

Ghana Braids

Ghana braids or also known as other names including Cherokee cornrows, pencil cornrows, invisible cornrows, and even banana braids. Ghana Braids are becoming one of the most popular ways of wearing your weave for this year.  Summer seasons always shows a spike in women of color choosing for this particular sassy style.  Ghana Braids are great not just for the convenience factor but also for the protective benefits.   Ghana Braids also will prevent you from running to the salon every few week. 

Into the history of Ghana braids,  This hairstyle could date to as far back as to 500BC for it's protective benefits but also it's unique style.  It was the Ancient Africans who braided this hair style initially, with sculptures and hieroglyphs illustrating both men and women with Ghana braids in their hair.  This unique style was passed down from generation to generation and survived until the Western civilization.  
Lately, more and more women of color from various ethnic groups are styling their natural hair with Ghana braids more than ever. It not only looks fabulous on women of all ages, you can also fashion some beads or flowers into them.   We hope this will inspire you to start braiding right now.
Spiral Braids 

Dual Effect Braids 

Shiny Braids 

Ghana Braids with a Twist 

Artistic Ghana Braids 

Native American Ghana Braids 

Spiral Braids 

Classic Ghana Braids 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Different Stylish Black Braids

Here are some different braiding styles that are very popular among African American black women & girls. Black braid hairstyles are popular and trendy in 2017. So give them a braid!

1.  Banana Cornrows

2.  Criss Cross Goddess Braids

3.  Ghana Braids

4.  Jumbo Braids Bun

5. Triangle Parted Jumbo Braids

6.  Thick Box Braids with Top Bantu Knots

6.  Cornrows with Ponytail

Simple cornrows are always a go-to style for women of color.  Mainly those of whom are looking for a simple and low maintenance braid style.  These braid cornrows can be styled a host of different ways. These braids can be braided either big or small, all depending on the style your comfortable with and also can be styled to a variety lengths. Cornrows usually last up to 3-4 weeks depending on your synthetic braid care regime. These stylish braids are great for women who do not want to sit around while their hair is braided.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Best Ways to maintain Crochet Braids

Normally, Crochet braids usually only last a few weeks.  I have heard that you may stretch the duration of this protective style even longer if you wash and condition your scalp.  It may seem like a tedious task due to the fact that Crochet Braids are a very fragile nature of the style but Beauty is achieved by the bold.  The simple fact of not being able to wash their hair keeps many from trying crochet braids.  Here is an extremely helpful tutorial on washing your hair and scalp, while still maintaining your beautiful protective crochet braids style!

This method works best for Longer Crochet Braid Styles.

  • 1.  Apply conditioner on her the Synthetic Hair and work your way to your scalp.
  • 2.  Spray lukewarm water to the Synthetic Hair after applying conditioner to your Synthetic Hair to re-moisturize your Crochet Braids.
  • 3.  Use a de-tangling brush to brush out all knots and tangles working from the ends to the scalp.  Do not brush too vigorously or the waves or twists will become completely straight.
  • 4.  Separate a section of the Crochet Braids and re-twist the hair using the 2 strand twisting method for the entire Crochet Braids.
  • 5.  Once completed, Begin to rinse by squeezing and cleanse the conditioner out of the Crochet Braids.
  • 6.  Once the Crochet Braids are completely dry, undo the 2 strand twists by gently un-twisting all the strands.  Ultimately,  this will give you back the volume and shine for another few weeks of this fabulous Crochet Braids Style.

**Please be aware that the overall appearance, texture, and style of Crochet Braids change over time.  It is normal for the hair to begin matting, frizzing, knotting, and tangling especially when exposed to saltwater, chlorine, or natural oils. 
Black 'n Gold Kanekalon Synthetic Braids

Washing Your Black 'n Gold Kanekalon Synthetic Braiding Hair

Looking for a hair style that can add length  and make your hair easier to manage? Similar to natural hair, Black 'n Gold synthetic braids style need to be washed.  Black 'n Gold Synthetic braids accumulate dirt, oil and residue, over time making them look dull and frizzy.  It usually means that its usually time to wash your Black 'n Gold synthetic braids.  This will ensure the Black 'n Gold synthetic braids will remains in it's best possible condition for looking fabulous.

Things You'll Need

Braid shampoo or Regular Shampoo        Towel              Black 'n Gold Braid spray

  1. Apply braid shampoo or 1 tsp. of regular shampoo diluted in 2 qt. of lukewarm water, to your scalp and massage thoroughly to loosen oils and dirt.  For the best results, try using a shampoo that does not contain "sulfates" as these are deep cleansing agents and will be too harsh on your Black 'n Gold Braids.
  2. Spray Black 'n Gold moisturizing braid treatment spray to your braids to replace lost moisture from shampooing.
  3. Dry your Black 'n Gold braids with a towel to dry excess water.
  4. Rinse the shampoo completely again.
*For a more detailed instruction consult a beautician for cleaning Black 'n gold Synthetic Braids.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Braiding styles

Twisted braids can look extremely stylish in black or colored depending on your skin tone. However colored braids look striking beautiful when twisted and if you have a lighter skin tone you would match great with it. You can create cornrows crossing from one side of the head towards the ears..To make you braids outstanding complete it with trendy outfits.  Shade an eye catching eye brow  and make up that teams with your skin complexion  to look beautiful.  Men will be more inclined to extend positive comments or  ask you for your company because men love beautiful women.
Best Braided Big Box hairstyles for Black Women

Black is beauty.  Braiding hair has been a culture for more than thousands of years.  When you add  style to your braided up do it makes you look younger and a source of Black is beautiful attraction. Up dos tend to collect hair at  the crown to prevent heat and protects your natural hair. Up dos are great hairstyles for events, weddings and more less formal to command respect and sophistication. Braids needs little to no maintenance and to have an up do that’s up to date, stylish , and modern.  Braids are simple to do but exclusively sexy and attractive. Up do’s look perfect with any face shape and tone but for colored up do’s it’s rather selective with different skin tones.  
Box braids give you many hair styling ideas. One of them is the high up-do. 
Whenever you need to have our box braids out of your face you can style a huge trendy up-do hairstyle like the following one. It is beautiful and stylish at the same time.

Black braided up dos are easy to accessorize when it comes to different length earrings, Bangles and makeup to complete your looks for a sexy yet respectful look. Black braided up dos make perfect looks for brides when it comes to beautiful designs that need  their weddings to be a moment to remember for decades.
Being a bride is precious and desired by every woman.  It brings total happiness and respect for the bride’s parents and the bride herself.  Do you want a hairstyle that tails at the back assuming you’re wearing a strapless wedding gown? This style covers your back. and it looks great from all angles thus making you a spectacle over your big day. 

Matrons need to look fabulous however not to the extent of the bride because brides always steal the show no matter how the matron appears. Ladies that aspire to become matrons are wondering how to come up with an elegant braided Hairstyles.  Matrons should look for a braided hair style that is convenient yet easy to achieve, I assure you this hairstyle above is the best black braided hairstyle for matrons. It goes with all face shapes, any skin complexion and works for women of all ages. Also you can add any simple type of accessorizes to complete your look.

Best Black Braided Hairstyles for Medium Hair
Quite a number of black braided hairstyles steal the show, however another style emerges yet again as sexy a Black Hairstyle for medium length hair for all ages. It's braided with lots of creativity and imagination.  Just for the sake of looking beautiful and chic. It’s braided in crochet along with tiny cornrows.  The hair is stabilized around the mid crown with bobby pins then the rest of hair falls back to shoulder length.  Many women around the world look up those unique Braided hair styles.   This hair style looks good with young women up to their fifties.  Maintenance is a breeze meaning to maintain it all you need to do is rinse it atleast after 14 days to remove dirt that causes itching and bad odors.  Adding hair spray will require more frequent rinses to remove the residue left from the hair spray after a long day.  However, if you decide to apply hair spray right after braiding, your hair will good shiny and good all day long.  
Beads were extremely popular back in the 90s and many today think beads are only for kids, which is not true. 
Beads were extremely popular back in the 90s and many today think beads are only for kids, which is not true.  Women who apply them on braids, look very elegant and cultured.  Alicia Keys is usually found wearing hair styles that pull out her cute beads.  This also accents her facial features like her eyes and lips.  She braided cornrows throughout the entire head.  This Braided style is braided just after her fore head going up to the back of neck.  This technique makes the braids just long enough to reach the shoulders with beads featuring in multi colors making this style so colorful and unique.   Round faces look pretty with any kind of braiding hairstyle you design with it. When it comes to choosing the best black braided hairstyle for round faces you shouldn’t borrow an  idea from a re-known celebrity Alicia keys because she was gifted with impressive looks from her braids and she’s an inspiration to all woman that is aspiring to braiding her hair with tiny long cornrows.
XL Braids length hairstyles look sexy to any woman. You can braid it in blonde, black, maroon or any color that your heart desires. Men love to touch women's hair and if you’re type of lady who loves  your man to be around you always then better go for the XL length braids. This is the best Black braided XL length hairstyle that will turn your men on twenty four hours seven days a week.  Get yourself noticed by braiding small long box braids that fall on or below your butt. It involves parting the hair on the sides to leave room that way you will be able to part a line on the braids on the left or right hand side. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Goddess-Braid Inspirations

Box and goddess braids are both protective braiding hair styles. Wear them for months at a time and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Box and Goddess Braids can help protect your hair during the winter and summer months.

In the '90s,  Both styles were extremely popular and have been making their way back to trend the braiding hair forefront over the past couple of years. In fact, "box braids" and "goddess braids" styles are the top hairstyle search terms.  Both  "These braid trends are seasonal (with searches peaking in the summer months), and are most popular in the South,"
Braiders are always looking for new and innovative ways to braid box braids and goddess braids.
Beyonce, pulls off thigh-grazing blonde box braids .

Solange gathers her braids atop her head in a big bun fit for a queen.

Singer Keri Hilson styles her super long braids in a some-up-some-down 'do. 

Our Favorite, Gabrielle Union turned her small boxed braids into one large side braid that's both easy to do and refreshingly sexy.

A box-braid bob and bun.  Both Fun and Easy for the Summer Seasons.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

2015 Fall & Winter 2016 Hairstyles African American Women

Here are some of the charming looks of women with big box braided Black hairstyles to keep moving with trend. You can try them with long or small box braids to your desired lengths below the shoulders to look sexy. You can even braid them with neutral black or dark tone color, Lights colors or any of your favorite colors that meet your heart desires. 

Braided Black Big Box Hairstyles doesn’t have restrictions to any skin tone or any face shape. You can secure the braids with a hair band to prevent it from falling over your forehead or a bandanna/scarf to works out well.  

Braided Big Box hairstyles for black women  is the way forward for those black women of color that need to  improve their looks a bit from the old days of human hair weaves. This hairstyle works for all seasons and to spice it more you can add a hat in the cold to look cute and in hot days you can either hold it at the back of neck to do away with excess hot weather temps.

Wow! So pretty and neat! It is a creative inspiration for us when using different ideas for how to braiding our hair!